FileMaker Go

SeedCode Complete works great with FileMaker Go for iPad

The layouts and scripts in SeedCode Complete are tuned to work with FileMaker Go for iPad. You don't need to load a copy of Complete on to your iPad: you can open Complete remotely from your FileMaker Server so you only have your data in one place.

This of course works much faster over WIFI than it does over 3G.

If you'd like to use SeedCode Complete on FileMaker Go for iPhone, you'll likely want to build smaller, single-purpose layouts optimized for the size of the iPhone's screen and, if necessary, for then slower cellular speeds you may get on your phone.

Need help with this? SeedCode offers consulting and modification services to tune apps for Go in the iPhone. Contact Us.

Tips for using SeedCode Complete in FileMaker Go

Go slowly. Many of the screens in Complete use script triggers and have a lot of elements on them. After a screen draws in Go, give it a second to resolve before you click around. Clicking too quickly will easily crash Go.
You may want to build your own interface file just for FileMaker Go. This would let you use simpler screens, bigger buttons, and accommodate the workflow and needs of your mobile users which are likely different from your desktop users. We definitely recommend this.
And if you need your team to be able to use your data offline, consider %newwin& GoZync, our framework for "syncing" offline FileMaker Go solutions with served databases. Simple, single-purpose offline files often offer the best FileMaker Go experience for your users.
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