Files And Photos

The Basics

You can link files or photos to a project on the project's Files & Photos tab (a subtab of Overview). You can also link a single image with a client in the field we've called "logo", though you could easily use that for a customer photo.

To add a photo, you can just paste it into any blank logo or file / photo field. To add a file, right click in the empty field and select "Insert File" from the menu that pops up.


To add multiple files or photos to a project, click "next" until you arrive at a blank field saying "paste an image here". Either paste a photo in, or right click on the field and select one of the "Insert..." options.

To get a file back out, right click on the image or file and select "Export Field Contents".

Whenever inserting a file or photo (rather than pasting a photo), always make sure the little check box "Store only a reference..." in the file selection dialog is NOT checked.

On Macs, inserting a PDF as a movie (right click on the empty field and select "Insert QuickTime") will let you page through the pdf using the movie controls.

Size Considerations

Files and photos are stored in a separate file: SeedCodeMedia.fp7 One reason we do this is that storing lots of files, or very large files, can make your database quite large. By having a separate file for media you can treat it differently:

You may choose to back it up less frequently than your main file.
When you transport your files or email them to a developer, you don't need to send the media file.
You can more easily archive this file, creating new versions every X months / years if you need to.

Of course, your media file may never get very big. If you think this is likely though, consider SuperContainer. It's a server-side plugin that lets FileMaker manage your media on a server instead of "in" FileMaker, though to your users it will look like the media is "in" FileMaker.

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