Can I host SeedCode Complete with a FileMaker Hosting Provider?

Yes. And hosting can offer tremendous benefits, especially if your team is frequently not all in the same office (or all on the same physical network). Hosting also means someone else is taking care of the Server, administering the backups, etc.

The key to successful hosting is that the server you choose be "close" to you. This can be measured by a "ping" test. If you want to work with Complete remotely (using FMP, not IWP) you need to ping the server you hope to use: if you're getting around 30ms pings I think you'll find it pretty peppy. More than that and you'll see some slowness. Of course what is acceptable to one person may not be to another.

But just because one person's connection to one server is slow (or fast) doesn't mean yours will be. Call the provider you're thinking of using), ask if they have a server in your part of the country, get an IP address for their server and ping it. Ask them how if you haven't done this before.

Our customers have had success with two companies in particular:

While both do great work, odds are one will have a server "closer" to you, so talk to both.

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