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Can I show iCal records IN the calendar?

Yes. The calendar can show iCal data sources along side FileMaker records. Learn more here: Multiple Sources

Note that version 3.0 of SeedCode Complete removed the ability to show iCal sources along side your FileMaker Records; this was slowing down the calendar a bit and with Zulu it didn't seem necessary any more.

Exporting to iCal

The calendar includes support for exporting found sets of events to the iCal format. You'll find a button in the upper right of the Event List layout that will export the found set as an .ics file to your desktop. This script takes a source number as a parameter so you can export any of your FileMaker sources to iCal.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this:

You can load exported files to phpiCalendar to see that those records on your web site. Exporting multiple files will be treated as individual calendars meaning that you can try to replicate your FileMaker calendar's filters by exporting one .ics per "filter".
Consider automating this by scheduling these exports using FileMaker Server script schedules. Then use an ftp plugin to script the delivery of these .ics files to your web server.

Live Connection to FileMaker from iCal

If you need a live connection between FileMaker and iCal, check out Zulu, our server-side plugin that turns FileMaker Server into an iCal Server. This means you can view and edit your FileMaker records from any iCal compatible client, including the calendar on your iPhone and iPad.

Zulu support is built into SeedCode Complete as of version 3.0. You'll still need to purchase a license of Zulu, but the integration is all done for you.

Troubleshooting the iCal Export

The iCal export requires an xsl file in the Extras folder that came with SeedCode Complete.

This xsl file can be placed almost anywhere you'd like-- provided you tell the script "Export Found Set to iCal { SourceNumber }" where to find it. If you're serving the calendar you can even put the file on a web server, so everyone has the same path to it, and the give the script the file's URL.

Here's how. Edit the script "Export Found Set to iCal { SourceNumber }" and find the "Export Records" step. Click "specify" next to Specify output file. When the next screen comes up click OK and you'll be on a screen called "Specify XML and XSLT options". Select HTTP Request, and enter the URL of the seedcodeiCalExport.xsl file. Or leave the setting on "file" if you're not using a server and just find the seedcodeiCalExport.xsl file on your machine.

Finally, if you're exporting on Windows, you'll need the to have the free ScriptMaster plugin from 360Works installed: our scripts use this to get past a bug in FileMaker's xml export.

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