Pinned Contacts

What are "Pinned" Contacts?

You can tag a contact as Pinned by selecting a staff member (or checking "everyone") on the contact's records.

Use this to create a list of contacts you refer to often: you'll see their phone numbers in this list and can email right from the list as well. Of course clicking on a pinned contact takes you right to their record.

If your staff are logging in with their own FileMaker account names, and you've recorded their account names on the staff tab of the settings screen, then they will each see only their pinned contacts, along with any contacts pinned to "everyone".

If you either don't use the account name feature in staff, or log in with the account name "Admin" (the default for the file) then you'll see all pinned contacts: both those pinned to "everyone" and those pinned to an individual staffer. This is controlled in the field "Interface::ShowPinnedContactForCalc"

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