Renaming Files

Follow these steps when renaming files


SeedCode Complete is a multi-file solution (there are several xxx.fp7 files that make up the solution) and each file looks for its sibling files based on their file name. So if all you do is rename the files, you'll break these links.

If you're using FileMaker Advanced, you can use it to easily rename these files without introducing errors. Fortunately, renaming is easy even if you don't have Advanced, providing you follow these steps:

Renaming Your Files

1. Quit FileMaker Pro.
2. Rename each of the files following the rules below.
3. Open the interface file, the one that was named "SeedCodeComplete.fp7". It will show a dialog telling you it can't find the data file. Click OK and then find the data file for it (this is the file you renamed above). Be SURE you pick the file that was named "SeedCodeData.fp7". You'll be asked the same thing for the media file. Again, click OK and then find the media file in the dialog that follows.
'4. If you're using version 3.0 or higher you'll be asked for the License file and then prompted to open it with a password. Just click Cancel, you'll see some script warning and click cancel for each. Eventually the solution will open, but it won't be functional.
5. You're almost done. Starting with the file that was "SeedCodeComplete.fp7" select "Manage / External Data Sources" from FileMaker's File menu. You'll see an entry for the data file. Double click on the entry for the data file and change the reference that is there... use the new name you've give the file. So your new reference might look like:
6. Click OK and do the same thing with the entry for the media file and the license file (the license file was introduced in version 3.0). When you're done, click OK to close the "Manage External Data Sources" window.
There are references there for our import file and for the 360Works update server (for getting the latest version of their credit card processing plugin, should you be using that). You don't need to (and shouldn't) rename these references.
7. From FileMaker's Window menu, select "Show Window" and select your data file (it now has its new name). Repeat step 5 for the data file, changing the name of the reference for the interface file (the one that was named "SeedCodeComplete"). Note that newer versions of the data file don't have any file references in it: not to worry.
8. That's it! Quit FileMaker and start the solution again and you'll be up and running.

Rules for FileNames

FileMaker is pretty forgiving about files names, but we like to exclude weird characters and spaces from our names. Maybe that is just habit. Bit there is one rule you have to follow or portions of the calendar will break: your file name may not have a period as one of the last 5 characters of the file name. So "My.Software.fp7" is ok. "" is not ok.

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