Repeating Events

Can I create repeating events?

Yes, you can make both multi-day events and repeating events.

Multi-Day Appointments

To create appointments that span more than one day, simply enter an end date for the event. For more information, see Event Duration.

Repeating Appointments

Click "repeat" on the event detail mini window and you’ll be taken to a new window that shows you the options for creating a repeating event.
You can select from any number of repeating options; the options visible when you click “continue” will be used to create new repetitions of this event and you'll be returned to the event detail record where you can click "show repts as list" to review or edit your repetitions. Each repetition is its own, unique record in your calendar so you can edit them individually, adjusting dates or statuses as needed.

I can't seem to create repeating events past 2029, is there a limit?

Yes. To prevent the accidental creation of millions of records, the calendar's repeating events script has a both a date limit and a number-of-repetitions limit. You can change both of these but they default to a date limit of no repetitions past Jan 1 2030 and a limit of 500 repetitions per event.

Change these by altering the first two variables declared in the script "Build Repetition List ( Repeat_StartDate ; Repeat_Rule )"

Can I go to the list of newly created repetitions directly, as soon as they're created?

Yes. Normally after repetitions are created the calendar returns you to the Event Detail record where you can click "show repts as list" to see the other repetitions for this event. But, if you want to go to that list directly after clicking "Continue" on the Repetitions Options screen you can make a small change in a script to do that.

Edit the script "Continue Repeating Events Window - Make Events " and towards the very end you'll see the comment "Present newly created events". The If() statement above that is a switch that is currently off. To turn it on, switch the If() to 1=1 and you're all set.

How do repetitions work and how can I manipulate them?

Here are some details about how we handle repetitions...

Each repetition in the calendar is it's own event record. These records are all tied together with a shared event id in the field "SampleEvents::Repeating_id: the script "Show Repetitions ( ID )" performs a find on this field thus bringing all the repetitions of an event into the found set.
Once repetitions are created, the individual events can be edited, moved or deleted without effecting other events in the repetition.
If you want to change all the repetitions of an event at the same time, click "show repts as list" from the Event Details layout. You'll then see the repetitions of that event in a list and you can there use the Replace Field Contents command from FileMaker's Records menu to apply changes across the found set. (Put your cursor in the field you wish to edit- and perhaps make your edit- before selecting "Replace Field Contents" from FileMaker's Records menu.)
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