How Do I Secure SeedCode Complete?

SeedCode Complete is distributed without any security in place; there are no accounts or passwords set up whatsoever.

You’ll want to set up at least some basic security for the calendar. Remember that all three files in this solution (SeedCodeComplete.fp7, SeedCodeData.fp7 and SeedCodeMedia.fp7) need to have the same accounts and passwords, so as you edit those in one file, be sure to make those edits in all three files. Here are a few places to start:

a) You’ll want to prevent you users from modifying the schema (field definitions, scripts, and layouts) of the solution. Even if you allow schema modifications in the data file, you’ll want to prevent such changes to the interface file (SeedCodeComplete.fp7) where most of the interface work of the calendar takes place.

b) A few aspects of the solution can also take advantage of the fact that your users may be logging in with different account names: in this way you can, for example, restrict active projects to those projects for the logged in user. If you do create unique accounts for each user, enter their account names into their staff records.

c) You'll likely want to prevent most users from getting to the Settings layout.

d) Learn more about restricting who can see what.

Note that we have some custom menus in place to prevent you from accidentally creating or deleting calendar interface records. However, if interface records are created or deleted accidentally, then closing and reopening the solution will check to see if these interface records have been created or deleted and the calendar will automatically correct itself.

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