Use the following shortcuts to get the most out of the calendar...

Shift-click in the mini calendars or anywhere in the main calendar to make a new event for that date / time /resource. (Hold down the shift-key while clicking.)

Drag events from one date / time / resource to another within the main calendar.

Hold down the option key when dragging to create a duplicate of the event in the new location.

Hold down the shift key when dragging the first or last segment of an event to change the event's start or end time (changing the duration of the event rather than moving it).

Show more or fewer all-day events by dragging the gray "All Day" separator up or down (not applicable to the simple views).

Click on the vertical divider between the left side bar and the calendar to move it out of the way for a bigger calendar.

Scan dates by using the navigation arrows in the mini calendars as these move the mini calendars' focus without needing to refresh the main calendar's data.

In the month view, click on a day number to jump to that day; shift-click on a day number to create a new event for that

From the "more" tab in the calendar, shift-clicking on an active project will leave the calendar and go to that project's record.

Shift-Command M will toggle the left hand side bar.

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