Tool Tips

How can I change the tool tip content on the calendar?

Tool tips are done two different ways depending on which screens you're on. The "simple" calendar screens (which don't try to place appointments beside the times they occupy) just use "Self" as the tool tip so you see more of the text you're already seeing. This is done on the simple tabs as well as on the month view.

The other tabe all use a single calc to draw the tool tip, so if you want to change the tool tip content, all you have to do is edit the calc "CalendarToolTipCalc" in the calendar table. But note that there are some limitations to what you can do with this tool tip: since we're not showing related data directly in the calendar, you don't have access to just *any* fields from the event to show in your tool tip: you can only show the contents of the event summary we're already showing in the calendar. Unless, that is, you're on the day view and employ the additional fields feature.

If you want more in that tool tip, consider mapping a calc field as your Summary field in your integration as described here: multi line events.

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