Version History

What is the latest build of SeedCode Complete.

The build number for your copy of SeedCode Calendar can be found at the top left of the home screen or in the field CalendarInterface::BuildNumberCalc.

The latest build of the new FM11 version of Complete is 3.11 (September 5, 2011). This a paid upgrade: a major new build introducing a number of new features.

Unlike previous builds, 3.11 is now licensed per-user. Because of this, and the number of code changes, you won't be able to move this code into your build and will need to import your data into the new version if you'd like to upgrade.

New features include:

Navigation button bar and system-map home page
Optional QuickBooks integration
Optional Zulu ready: links to iCal, Google Calendar, and Google Contents
Optional credit card processing
Scripts for migrating data to new version
Improved developers' documentation

Builds 2.3 - 3.0 (Sept 2010 - August 2011). A few private builds delivered to developers using Complete as a framework for their new projects. These had various versions of the 3.11 features in place.

Build 2.2 (August 9, 2010). This made a number of changes to further accommodate International Date Formats. If you're running with US date formats you likely don't need to change any of this, though you may be interested in some of the other changes below.

Contact us to get the new 2.2 build; note that Complete is a separated system so you can replace the SeedCodeComplete file (the one we've changed) without loosing your data (though values lists you've edited will need to be updated). If you'd like to make these changes in your copy, because you've modified the SeedCodeComplete file, please get a new build from us anyway, so you can copy script steps and calcs below.

Better International Date Format Support
Add the modification time stamp to each of these layouts: Projects, Contacts, Invoices, Payments, Event Details. Be sure to add them to the no-sidebar version of the layout as well. This is required for the following change. You can copy these layout elements from the 2.2 build.
Replace the entire contents of the script "Recent" and "End Recent..." with the steps from the one in the 2.2 build.
Replace the entire contents of the script "Gantt Dependency Chain - Cascade Changes" with the steps from the one in the 2.2 build.
We've changed the calc field CalendarInterface::DateDisplayCalc so that in most cases you'll no longer need to edit this to get European date formats looking right.
Other Changes
Replace the entire contents of the script "Parameters to Local Variables" with the steps from the one in the 2.2 build.
Replace the entire contents of the script "Apply Filter to Found Set" with the steps from the one in the 2.2 build. Do the same with the script "Find Events by Date Range".
On the layout "Select Company" the script trigger on our "company begins" field needs to call the similar script from the "Company" scripts: it's currently pointing at a "Contacts" script.
In the script "Load Settings - On Startup..." find the comment "Maps filters to fields". In the Set Variable lines that follow, filter 4 should be mapped to the field "GetFieldName ( CalendarEvents::z_IsMilestone )" (without quotes).
That's it.

Build 2.1 (July 27, 2010) was our first public build.

Build B1.1 (July 18, 2010) was our last beta release and is based on the Pro Calendar engine build '5.55.

Older versions have build numbers through 1.36 and those can be found here.

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