Zulu Support

Zulu Ready: Zulu integration is built-in.

As of version 3.0, Zulu support is built into SeedCode Complete. You'll still need to purchase a license for Zulu but the integration is done for you.

Here is what that means...

Link SeedCode Complete to iCal and Google Calendar

Zulu is an extension for FileMaker Server that lets you see and manipulate your FileMaker calendar records from iCal, Google Calendar, as well as from the calendars on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

You can edit your records in iCal and, when you do, youre editing the FileMaker records directly. iCal will even respect FileMakers record locking if someone else is editing the record when you try to do the same.

There are no scripts to run when you edit records, and no need to manually keep iCal and FileMaker in sync: with Zulu, iCal is reading your FileMaker records from the server, just like FileMaker does. iCal becomes another FileMaker client.

The mapping of SeedCode's events table is already set up, though you can change how this is mapped an even publish additional tables to iCal.

Learn more in Zulu's Documentation.

Sync SeedCode's Contacts with Google Contacts

Zulu can also enable syncing your FileMaker contacts with Google. This makes your contacts portable, so that you can work with your FileMaker contacts in Google, in the iPhone’s address book, and in the Mac Address Book application.

When you add or edit a contact in one of these applications, Zulu syncs that edit with your FileMaker database.

For the first time, you can have one contact list, based in FileMaker, and accessible on your mobile devices.

The mapping of SeedCode's Contacts table is already set up, though you can change how this is mapped and publish related phone numbers and addresses if you need to.

Learn more in Zulu's Documentation.


Zulu requires FileMaker Server (not Server Advanced). You'll also need a license for Zulu; available separately.

New To Zulu?

Learn more about Zulu here.

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