We’re close to shipping the first version of a Gantt chart for DayBack Calendar and wanted to share a preview with you; lots of folks have been asking about this. The first version should ship as an in-app update in the next few weeks.

DayBack Calendar for FileMakerWe’re calling this the “horizon” view as it lets you can out past the current week or month to longer time ranges. I also like this term as opposed to “Gantt chart” since this will probably be missing a few things normally found in Gantt charts–at least in this first version. The December release won’t have dependencies, for example, or horizontal “bands” in the chart for each role or phase.

We’ll be adding some of that stuff in subsequent builds and should be able to make enhancements quickly once the main view is done, but we also recognize that “real” Gantt chart apps are too complicated for most projects–we want something that gets at the relationships between events–and lets you see everything at a glance–without lots of junk to slow you down.

Let us know if you have any feedback on the screenshot above, and stay tuned for the update!

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19 Responses to Preview – Gantt Charts for DayBack Calendar

  1. Tim Anderson says:

    Really looking forward to this – a big step towards opening new opportunities for us all.

  2. john renfrew says:

    One of the use cases here is in production scheduling, so there may be many ‘small’ events inside one resource in a day. Ability to show these without any labels will be important, or some control of what pieces of data from the record gets put into a reduced label, as they may butt up to each other when placed in horizontal orientation.
    Definite move in an direction of opportunity for us….

    • seedcode says:

      Makes sense, John. It will be interesting to see what we can do with the “compressed” setting down the road–that’s what I’d use in Resource/Grid view. Not sure you’ll need it in Horizon view but I’ll be looking forward to some screenshots of your schedule in the new view so we can see what we need to do. Thanks!

  3. Adelar Duarte says:


    I do this with a javascript library… But is very hard. Like to see a native solution….

  4. peter davey says:

    Looks great….question:

    Does the Gantt chart only show items with calendar dates? what about a project plan where the start and end dates of a task or milestone are not defined yet?

    • seedcode says:

      Oh I love this question! Right now DayBack will only show things with actual dates. But we’ve been working on views that let you sketch the relative duration of events without dates, without fixing them on the calendar. It’s a way to take a list of tasks, order them, assign “weight” or “duration” to them, and then try then in various actual times on the calendar to see where the project “fits”. This is *not* coming soon but we’re very psyched to be building it as I think this is how a lot of us actually sketch out our plans.

  5. Adam says:

    Been waiting on Gantt Charts since Dayback made its debut. Looking forward to it, and the new opportunities it will bring.

  6. Damian Kelly says:

    I second John’s comment regarding scheduling jobs in a production environment for given machines and days. Are the tasks draggable?

    • seedcode says:

      Yes =) You can drag to new days or drag their “end” to extend the duration of the event. Once there are different “bands” for each resource you’ll be able to drag to new resources as you can in the Resource and Grid views now.

  7. Svein Eriksen says:

    will it be possible to make templates for projects with its different phases? This would be very usefull as most projects have more or less the same structure, but with different volumes, need of resources and time consume/span.

  8. john renfrew says:

    the day markers under the actual events, with that be a toggle on or off, or a system setting. there will be cases where it’s not adding anythign useful to the data and therefore classes as Tufte style chart junk..??

    • seedcode says:

      Thanks, John. I think we’ll get a setting to toggle those into this build. Those duration lines won’t seem useful when you’re viewing daily events, but when you filter down to one project or just your important milestones, seeing how many days separate them–and then how many work days, or how many clear days (days without meetings)–gets really interesting.

      • john renfrew says:

        I can see that for some use cases its really useful, having been an early triallist on dayback online… just for the specific cases I am currently considering minimalist zen is the way to go… thanks John

  9. Shaun Roberts says:

    I know this isn’t about the GANTT but Is it possible to see the Grid in 7 days instead of 14 days ?.. would be really useful

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