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Hi guys!!

Big fan of your web site, got alot of answers from it, thx for that :wink:

I need your hlp this time with a problem of my own...
I've been put in charge of cleaning up my user base of about 500 ppl.

I have a guy in charge of 'pushes' (automatic scripts that are launched when user logs in to install diferent things) that told me i could do alot of these installs via a GPO (or if you prefer its close to an MSI)

In my GPO, i would like to script these:
- Automatic removal of all previous versions of FMP (4,5,6,7,8)
- Instalation of FMP 8.5

And when instally FMP 8.5 i would like to know if we can automatically script the GPO to get the user name and put it inside FMP as well as seting that radio button: Enable share mode : Yes/No to YES.

Any of you 'champs' had experience in doing this, cuz i sure need the info on that. Im talking actual GPO scripting examples...

Any hlp would be very very appreciated or perhaps you can send me some where to look for the info, im cluless right now on where to start...

Thx a million....


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