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I need to import text from records in one field to a portal in another field, multiple fields:

I have a portal located in a table A. It contains a number of fields including an ID auto entry field. Table B has the same fields, not in a portal.

I want to create a script that will go from a button located in the portal field Table A to another layout in Table B, allow the user to check a box to select a number of entries, and then import the data from those records into the 8 fields in the portal in Table A. There are 8 fields, including the auto entry id.

I am doing something wrong.

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Hi KA,

Not really sure we have enough information to answer this, but if you're using FileMaker 8 or 8.5 you can use variables to move things around like this.

From your source you'd set the data you want to import to variables, then move to your destination, create a new record, and then set the field in that record to the contents of your variables. If you have 8 fields to move, that would be 8 SetVariable script steps followed by 8 SetField steps.

If you want this operation to apply to a group of records you may put this inside a loop that moves through your found set of records.

Remember that in some cases you may want to literally "import" from one table to another, or possibly export out to a file and the import that file back in.

Send us additional questions about specific parts of what you're trying to accomplish and we'll see if we can help.
John Sindelar

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