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Hi John,

Have a question that hopefully you will know the answer to, I have resources that have been set up as rooms. I would like to show on the mini appointment screen which rooms were available and which ones weren't so the user couldn't rebook them.

Is there a way this could be done?? the solution needs to handle approx 25 rooms, I know you can show conflicts on the calender views but I would also like to show something on the appointment screen, maybe greyed out / not shown at all / a line though it etc...

Any ideas would be really appreciated,

Best Regards,

SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:18 am
One way to approach this would be to show a portal on the Mini Window Edit Appointment layout of all the rooms in the solution--this would be a portal to the resources table showing either all resources or all resources of the type "room".

You'd then create a calc in the resources table that would test to see if a room was available on a given day: taking a new global field in the resources table as your test date you'd built a relationship from rooms (resources) to appointments using the resource name and this date. That calc could test for whatever you considered being "available": one appt per room/day, a given number of appts per room/day, or even counting the duration of the appts for that room/day (though that last one would be slow).

Once this calc is working you'd display the status of the room in the room's portal on the Mini Window Edit Appointment layout.

You'd then make this test-date-global-field in the resources table explicit on the layout and users could enter different dates there to test for room availability before entering this date into the appointment.

In our new SeedCode Calendar I'd make this "room view" a new tab on the Mini Window Edit Appointment layout.

John Sindelar

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