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Importing records from hosted file to file over a network – can’t see file FM8

Hi All,

Seems my posts are like London buses, nothing turns up for ages then two come along at once.

Anyway, hope you can help with this. I have another FM8 multi file (not tables) database. It is hosted on a server with Filemaker Server 8. There is a single ‘Log-in’ file that users can see when they log in via the network or remotely, the rest are ‘multi-user hidden’.

I need to import records from file to file, the files concerned are multi-user hidden. Thing is when select Import Records, look for the file under Remote/Local Hosts (as its hosted on the server) either directly from the Filemaker menu or as part of building a scrip step, all I can see is the non-hidden‘Log-in’ file. All the other files are still hidden from view. I can see them open on my screen but I can’t get at the source file I want to import from.

With prior versions of Filemaker, selecting Hosts you could see all the files being hosted and select the one you required.

At the moment I am having to either script a record creating Loop from one file to another or turn Filemaker Server off and work directly with the files on the server machine to script a ‘proper’ file to file import.

I am missing something?

Best regards,
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FM7-8s file references make this a lot easier--at least when writing the import in a script. In the script's import records command, select File then do the Open Remote thing you're already doing and select the one visible file you can see on your server. Then simply edit the resulting file reference replacing the name of the visible file with the name of your desired file.
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Ah, thank you!

All the best.

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