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New to Filemaker and wondering if there's a way I can easily merge two databases into one. For example, I'd like to use the Seedcode calendar with the Event Management template, merged into one database with relationships to each other. Can I do this?
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While you can "merge" the databases so that you end up with just on file (just one YourFileName.fp7) most often people "link" the databases together instead.

This kind of linking involves, for example, teaching our calendar that the "contact" for each appointment isn't in the contact table we originally included with the calendar, but is rather in the contact table in another file.

You'll also hear this described as "swapping out" one or more of the calendar tables for tables in your own file.

This is a simpler operation with our simpler calendars as there is less to swap out. For example, here are the instructions for swapping out our Free Calendar's appointments table for a table of appointments (or dates) you may have in one of your files: ... ntegration

In our Pro Calendar people may wish to swap out our contacts or projects tables for ones they already have. Those instructions can be found here:

Of course there are lots of other kinds of integration and linking. One common (and pretty simple) type of integration is to make our appointments "children" of a job or project record in your file. Again, this makes more sense with our FM7 Pro Calendar or our Free Calendars which don't already have projects linked to them (SeedCode Calendar Pro already has a projects table linked to it). This kind of integration, is described here:

Hope that helps.
John Sindelar

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