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I'm new to this (couple of days) so I think this is a question that has probably been asked and answered many times before. I'm going through the directions step-by-step to make the QuickContacts sync work from my iPhone and haven't been able to achieve this rather basic step. Per instructions, I edited the GoZyncHosted data source on the file on the GoZyncMobile.fmp12 app in the Local folder and then projected that file out to my iPad (using iTunes) along with QuickContact.fmp12. I used the IP address supplied in the Sharing folder of the System Preferences on my iMac; and Web Sharing is on.

The files are definitely out there on the iPhone. I've added all sorts of mythical contacts, and the sync starts, but results in this error message:

We have an internet connection, but we can't reach

I've tried several variations of the IP address, typically by adding a folder string to the basic address, but no matter how I write the address, I get the same error (sometimes it's coded as Error 100).

There must be some other trick to this. Do I need to have files positioned in particular directories, or use some other IP address (for the local device - ???). I've tried everything I can think of and that's why I'm posting this inquiry.
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Hey there. Your IP address may very well be right, but it isn't web sharing that lets the iPad "see" your hosted files.

Open GoZyncHosted, GoZyncLicense, and QuickContactHosted on your host machine and select File / Sharing / FileMaker network from FileMaker's menu. Ensure that sharing is ON and make a note of the IP.

Now head over to FileMaker Go on your iPhone or iPad and try to manually open one of the hosted files by clicking the "+" furthest to the right in "remote files and hosts". Enter your IP address and give the host a name... you should then be able to see a list of open files. If you can't then the issue is that your iPad can't "see" the host. You may have a private IP address (something starting with 10 or 192) or may not have opened the ports necessary for FileMaker sharing. This is a FileMaker issue and you can find notes about resolving it here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6097

If you can see your files, make a note of the IP and use that address to create your External Data Source reference in GoZyncMobile.

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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