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So let me start off by saying I don't know where to post my questions regarding SeedCode Complete....

Second, I'm not an idiot. I learn by doing, pattern recognition, but for some reason I am not seeing something in order to do what I want to do....

Ok.... on to the question....

So eseentially I want "Companies" to be my base for all information....I invoice companies, with a payable contact, not a payable contact, with a company...I think....anywhoo

In the "Companies" table, I modified "AddressStreet1, AddressStreet2, " etc to "BillToAddress1, BillToAddress2," etc and created "ShipToAddress1, ShipToAddress2."

I also copied, and pasted the entire text and values (BillToAddress1 etc) and changed/correllated to the new "ShipTo" fields created (under the "Companies" table).

In the "Invoices" table, towards the bottom, there are tabs, one of which is "Addresses" which has both a bill to and a ship sections....

I have created a "test" companie with "test" contact and changed the text/values I placed in the "BillToAddress"'s and "ShipToAddress"'s.

When I create a new invoice here is the problem:

1: For some reason it REALLY wants me to click a "Contact"....when in reality I just want to click a "Company" and the retrieve whatever contact I make a "Payable Contact" that is pinned to that company.

2: Lets say I go through with clicking a "Contact" and then click the corresponding "Company" In the "Address"'s tab, it pulls the "BillToAddress"'s information (which was converted from the original "Address1" etc) and plugs it into


the "Bill To" and "Ship To" fields, even though they are different in the "Companies" table and a second address is not in the "Contact Details" layout....

What is going on? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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SeedCode Staff
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Read through this a couple times gp, but I think I'll need to see your file to know what's going on. I can tell you that the key to all this is the script "Get Addresses for Contact": it's pretty explicit about where we get the addresses from and where we put them, so you should be able to change this to pull from the Invoice company's payable contact.

The script runs at the end of our select contact / company scripts.
John Sindelar

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