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For SeedCode Complete Users and Developers:

I am a registered user of SeedCode Complete. I am interesting in discussing the concept of a multi join table I am making that allows any contact person to be a member of or related to an unlimited number of companies or organizations in the SeedCode Complete application. Currently, there is only room for one company per person.

I have customers who are members of several companies or groups that I track in SeedCode Complete. In the solution I am making now by modifying your original code, I am making it possible for a lawyer (contact person) with his own law practice practice (company one) and who is also a principle partner/owner in a another business (Welding Company) and he is also a member of a fraternal fellowship I am also a member of. In this scenario it is of interest to me to see instantly that (oh, yeah...) this fellow is directly involved in three companies or groups that I am interested in. I want to be able to also go to any of those individual company records and see this same fellow listed as one of the several related people in that company or organization's entity record. This proposed feature I am creating in SeedCode Complete helps my poor memory keep track of the many faceted relationships I want to remember in business and social situations.

I am trying to do this in an elegant way so that the beautiful user interface that John Sindelar developed is not lost or warped too badly in the modification of the software. I am also hoping that the elegant functionality that is built into the "Add a Company", and "Add a Contact" interface is not ruined in the process. I want the addition of related company to contact and contacts to company records to be as quick and easy to add and common sensical to intuitively understand the relationships when viewing these records. I want it to be as simple as adding new phone numbers to a contact record, etc.

If I get any help here, I plan to share my success and publicly thank the expert advice!

Thank you inadvance!

Mark Stringfellow
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SeedCode Staff
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Hi Mark,

I think that's a great feature, and one we thought long and hard about including it as a stock feature. One reason we didn't is that it makes it hard for novices to import new contacts into the system... the contact doesn't just have a company ID, but they have this join record, etc. etc.

But that isn't something you need to worry about. That's something we have to worry about since we have such a wide audience. =)

That "Select Contact" API (script) is going to be your friend here: ... ectContact

Let us know if you have more questions as you get into it.

- John
John Sindelar

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