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I use SeedCode Complete Build 2.32.
I know , it's "old" but it does the job for so long without any problem.

I want to add a table to keep track of vehicles.
Consequently there will be dates for things to follow up in the calendar.

I think about the end date of insurance, maintenance, etc.

How to "push" some of those dates in the calendar from within that table, without the need to over and over manually creating a record in the calendar ?

I'm thinking about a button "set to calendar", drop the needed data in a variable, massage it a little to have something "understandable" .... and now I draw a blank....which script to use to drop it in the calendar (without the risk of breaking something) ?


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Hi JM,

The simplest thing to do is to hold these expiration dates in the appointments table you already have. You'd create a relationship from vehicles to appointments with allow-creation-of-relate-records "on". Then pace the related date field from appointments on your vehicle layout and when you type in a date it will make an appointment record in the table already showing up in the calendar.

To refine this you might create a calc field in vehicles called "insurance expiration" and relate that field to the "type" or "status" field in appointments: now when you create a new date it will make an appointments record with the type or status of "insurance expiration". Using auto-enter calcs in the event title you can get this looking pretty cool.

And using special relationships like this you can create multiple types of dates related to the same vehicle.

Hope that gets you started. If you need more, grab an implementation package and we can make a couple examples for you so you can extend the pattern to other kinds of dates.
John Sindelar

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