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Looking for some support re: display of media image in the map popover. If I change the image the image does not change in the map popover. If I manually update the gm_thumbnail field with a new image, it still does not update the popover image. I looked on the Popover settings layout and it appears that the popover field is configured correctly: ProjectMedia::gm_thumbnail.

What is required to refresh the popover image on the map?
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We actually currently only export thumbnails on file startup. So the next time you load maps it will display properly. You can also run the "Load Thumbnails" script to force a re-export of images. If you want those updates to be live you could use the Base64 encoding capability in filemaker 13 to store the images as base 64 or you could set a flag (a boolean field) when an image is modified so all connected clients would know if they need to re-export an image for reference in the map. There is some management that would have to be built out to make that happen for example what would trigger a check for that flag on the client side so filmmaker knows to export that updated image.

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