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My latest problem is as follows...

I have a DB doc based on a table called “Master”. Records are consecutive dates entered within the “Master” Table.
The data is output in booklet form from a second table “Information”, however there are 14 alternative self-selectable layouts for data presentation – selection dependent on external realities.
So if there are 7 records (7 days listed), within the Information layouts there are 14 alternative displays for each of the 7 date/day records.

TABLES: Master Information
LAYOUTS: Master L/O1 L/O2 L/O3 L/O4 L/O5 etc
RECORDS: date1 ::date1 date1 date1 date1 date1 etc
Check1 Chck2 Chck3 Chck4 Chck5 etc

Each selected layout is checked X; so one layout per record is findable.
GTRR works between records and layouts

A printer-ready report could appear like this:
Page1 Date1 L/O4
Page2 Date2 L/O1
Page3 Date3 L/O5 etc.

Is it possible to script a print-out based on the checked layouts?

What I used to do (and currently will have to continue doing) is a find based on a check box. So if records 1, 3 & 7 are checked “x” within layout 1, that’s what I get back, a non sequential output. The find would then be repeated on a layout by layout basis, and when finished either the printed out-of-sequence pages are manually collated or a pdf version is painfully re-sequenced.

Any help or lateral assistance would be appreciated.

• Tim

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