Challenge for FMP Prgrmrs: Transfering Found Set to a Portal

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 7:22 am
Ok here is a bit of a challenge for you FMP junkies out there:
Using FMP 7. I have 5 fields displayed in a columnar layout in a found set. I would like to take the found set and import the data into their respective fields in a portal in another table however within the same file. It is essential that this is all accomplished within one file so this eliminates the possibilty of exporting the found set and reimporting the found set (unless you can write a script that deletes the outside file after the found set has been reimported.) This is a way to connect 3 tables. The found set to the portal which is linked to another table storing all of the portal's records. ALL I NEED IS A SCRIPT TO LINK THE RECORDS FROM A FOUND SET TO A PORTAL USING THE SAME FIELDS. Please Please Help

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