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Hi All,

I am using FM8 Advanced V2 to upgrade client files developed by other developers. One problem that I have come across is if I am provided with a file (or set or files when the db is not a single file) is that if there is a relationship or script that refers to a ‘missing’ file, Filemaker as usual asks me to locate the file. Fair enough. But if the file does not exist and I click cancel to continue then Filemaker gives me the ‘you are using a copy of FM8 that is already running’ message and then freezes. I have to restart the machine in order to get back to where I was and delete the file references.

It does not seem to make any difference if the files are multi or single user or whether I am on a network or not. It is a major pain and one that I have also seen on client’s machines on FM8.

Any ideas?

My copy is definitely legit!

Best regards


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