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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 12:39 pm
In FM 8.5, I know the email function and the save record as a pdf. Can I combine the two?

I need to create a pdf of the record and attach it to an email. All the emails go to the same address with the same message,

I have it to the point of creating the pdf, although I have to name the file (can I tell it to enter a value from a field), creating the email then I have to attach the pdf.

Can I do both without the manual intervention?

There are hundreds to do.

thanks, I am new to 8.5

SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:47 pm
Sure. Before you make your pdf, set a variable ($FileName) to a path ending in the desired pdf name, something like:

"file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & InvoiceNumber & ".pdf"

Then use this variable instead of a hard coded file name in the Save Records as PDF script step. This will let you run that script step without a dialog. Then you can use the same variable as the name of the attachment in your email script.

(Pretty cool)
John Sindelar

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