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Can permissions be set so that a user can only see records identfying him as the sales rep? And like wise can a supervisor see multiple peoples records and the manager see everyone's records?

Goal is for sales reps to only see their clients. Supervisors only see clients for the reps in their group and allow the manager to see everyone's.

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Sure. FileMaker's built-in Access Privileges can be used for this sort of thing.

You can use FileMaker's access privileges to "limit" access to a record when the record's sales rep doesn't match the name of the logged in user. In FileMaker's built in help, check out Contents > Protecting databases with accounts and privilege sets > Creating and managing privilege sets > Editing record access privileges.

On the "Editing record access privileges" page you're interested in the "Limited" option under number 4.

The only trick here is making sure you have something in the user's log in (their Privilege Set Name or their Account Name) that you can compare with your sales rep or manager fields. You may need a translation table to map these account names to user IDs in your solution.
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