FileMaker 10 Compatibility

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FileMaker 10 Compatibility

All SeedCode products are completely compatible with FileMaker 10, though many only require FileMaker 8, 8.5, or 9. If you're new to FileMaker 10, check out this nice overview at sixfriedrice.

Q. When did FileMaker release version 10?

A. January 5, 2009

Q. What if I get an error when opening a file in 10?

A. FileMaker did change the way it records the application version, however, and some older templates may show a dialog when opened in 10 saying that you don't have the right version of FileMaker. This is easily fixed:

    Open the solution in an older copy of FileMaker Pro and edit the "Upon Opening" script.

    Depending on which product you have, you'll see a comment toward the beginning of the script that says "Test for Version" or "Version Check" followed by an IF statement.

    Change the IF statement as follows, replacing "8.5" with whichever version was originally required in your product:
Code: Select all
Let ( [
n = Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ;
required = 8.5
GetAsNumber ( n )  < required


Q. How come the Saved Finds button doesn't allow for saving finds? And why is the text editing button in the toolbar grayed out in browse mode?

A. What you're seeing is a consequence of the custom menus we're using in SeedCode Calendar Pro and Pro Complete. These custom menus were written before FileMaker 10 and don't understand that there are new menu options in FileMaker 10 like "Saved Finds".

The easiest way past this is to disable our custom menus. If you're using FileMaker Advanced you can do this at any time from the Tools menu (select "[Standard FileMaker Menus]" from Tools / Custom Menus). But you may want to do it once and for all... to do that, edit the script "Upon Opening". Toward the very end you'll see a script step to "Install Menu Set". Simple delete that line.

The custom menus were in place to help with "orphan control" and are not required.

If you're using FileMaker Advanced you can add Saved Finds to the custom menus already in place. From "Manage Custom Menus" click "create" and you'll see "Saved Finds" as one of the menus you can create. After you've created it, you can add it as a submenu within the "Records Scripted Deletion" menu we're using. That will allow you to add a functional copy to the toolbar if you wish.

Q. Will you be releasing new versions of your products for FileMaker 10?

A. At this point we don't plan to release new versions just to take advantage of FileMaker 10. There are a couple reasons for this. Firstly, we don't want people to *have to* upgrade in order use our templates. And secondly, some of the new features in FM10 are kind of complicated and we definitely want to keep our products simple so they are as easy to modify as possible.

But if you're using 10-- and there are lots of good reasons to use it, especially if you're an experienced developer-- there is nothing to stop our users from adding FileMaker 10 specific features into the calendar and into our other templates.

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.
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