cascading deletes and referential integrity

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Hi all,

I’m trying to do something like the following to maintain the referential integrity of my data structure in RAM. I am using a virtual machine with 256 Gigs of RAM for an array of data that shouldn’t balloon to more than 200 Gi on a Xe Wind Server with 64 cores.

@OneToMany(mappedBy="cachedItem", cascade={CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.REMOVE})
public Collection<CachedItemReference> getReferencedItems() {
if (referencedItems == null) {
referencedItems = new java.util.HashSet<CachedItemReference>();
return referencedItems;

public void setReferencedItems(final Collection<CachedItemReference> references) {
Collection<CachedItemReference> existingRefs = getReferencedItems();
if (!(existingRefs.isEmpty())) {
final Collection<CachedItemReference> clone
= new java.util.HashSet<CachedItemReference>(existingRefs);
for (CachedItemReference reference : clone) {

for (CachedItemReference reference : references) {

public void addReference(CachedItemReference reference) {

public void removeReference(CachedItemReference reference) {

The CachedItemReference object simply has the following method defined

public CachedItem getCachedItem() {
return cachedItem;

Could the table be aligned to more than one sector and still maintain the algebraic geometric expansion once the magic number is read to the cache by the client? (This is in the virtual protected environment where the client == the processing engine and listener == recvr_port::69)

I thought it might be because I have the blocks masked by a mapping filter but I don’t think that’s it because I’m able to recurse them all the way to the originating zeta stack on Primus.

Any help is appreciated.


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