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Just to make sure...

Is it correctly understood that if I want to combine one or more of your solutions into a new or existing single file solution I need Filemaker Robot?

Is there some kind of demo version available of your calendar developer version?

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If you'd like a single file (instead of the separate data and interface files we offer) you'd want to either put them together by hand or use FMRobot.

While there is certainly a lack of consensus about this, I would say that it is not always advantageous to consolidate things into fewer files. Consolidation certainly makes account management easier, but separate files can offer advantages when it comes to deploying new versions, importing data, providing alternate interfaces, and supporting simultaneous development. That said, there can be some good reasons to consolidate as well.

Is there some kind of demo version available of your calendar developer version?

Not really. We have an unlocked Free calendar available for download, but this is a different feature set than the Pro Version. (The developers version - Pro Dev - has the same feature set as Pro, but with different licensing terms. Both are completely unlocked.)

You can evaluate the Pro Version by checking out the screen shots and by reading over the detailed features list.


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