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Hi, I'm very new at FM and I can't find relevant help anywhere I looked. I have built a contacts database improving the template given by FM7. I have added a field called "type of contact" with a list of fixed values to choose from (client, supplier, employee). I want the results of the query "Find me all the clients with their companies" displayed in a table, so that I can use it for another database that I am building called "Estimates to Clients". I would be very grateful for any ideas. Thanks!
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Hi. Sounds like you want to define a Value List based on the contents of two fields in clients (the client and their company). Since you may want the value list to also include the client's ID number (and a value list can only show two fields) you may need to build a calculation that concatenates the client and company into one field so that you can use it in your value list.

Does that help?
John Sindelar
PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 7:44 am
You could also try defining a relationship from your future database to your current database. Then the second database can pull the value from the previous (master) database.

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