Removing extra databases for remote hosting savings $$

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Many of the hosting companies charge per database of hosting. Seems a bit wasteful that I have to pay to host 4 databases for my seedcode complete setup. I understand why it is split into 4. However, I don't use Media, is it easy enough for me to copy the table over to Data or the main DB in case I ever occasionally want to use media?

Anything similar I can do for the license DB? I'm just a bit irked that I budged on paying $X/month to host my DB and now I realize I'm stuck with a bill for $4X.

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Hi Brian,

Right, that is a definite downside to the separation model.

The reason we keep the media file separate is if folks are embedding large objects into container fields it can be beneficial to have these in a separate file for back-ups/archives etc. The only place it's used "out of the box" is linking files and photos to projects, so you may not need it all, or it wouldn't be difficult to import/add the table to the regular data file and keep the info there.

Technically, you could consolidate all the files except for the license file, but this would be a significant undertaking.


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