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Will CC Calendar, Time Tracking, etc. Run under FileMaker 8?

Absolutely! FileMaker 7 and 8 share the same file format, so the FileMaker 7 versions of our products will run in 8 with little or no modification.

Hope that is good news.

Here are the product specific FM8 issues we're aware of:

CC Gantt Charts

One of the red lines in CC Gantt Pro shifts 2 px to the right in FM8. This is on the planning mode and print layout and can be easily nudged back in place. If you have difficulty unlocking this object and nudging it into position, don't hesitate to get in touch. As when making any changes to the CC Gantt layouts, please backup your files first.

CC Calendar Pro SE

Current versions.

The current versions of the Pro and SE calendars work great in FM8 with the exception of the horizontal orientation in the Scheduling Edition. (This layout works in 8 but the layout can only be edited in 7 due to a stack order issue in FM8.)

Older versions.

For versions prior to 2.4 the horizontal calendar orientation may show question marks in some of the empty columns. This is easily fixed with a simple field definition change.

If you use the thin (11 hour) scale in the Scheduling Edition, you'll see that the appointments no longer line up with the grid behind them. This is because FM8 treats portal stroke a little differently than FM7 does. We've build a new 11 hour layout to account for this, taking us to version 2.4 of the scheduling edition. If you're using the 11 hour scale in FM8, please email me and we'll send you the 2.4 version. (email john at
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