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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 7:03 am
Does FileMaker Pro integrate with WinFAX? If not, does it integrate with any other fax program?

The Association where I work is considering a new database program if FileMaker does not meet certain Association needs. Personally, I believe it to be a powerful tool though my coworkers do not agree. I am new but have learned FileMaker Pro fairly well in 3 months and have already found out that it does meet many of the Association needs in that short amount of time though they said it could not perform those tasks. I have introduced automation to everyone though they are quite perplexed.

They would also like FileMaker Pro to integrate with Quickbooks. ???

We would also like to incorporate the database with our website. One option we would like in the future is the ability for our members to update their own information online and be able to search vendor member information.
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While I have not used either of these tools in a while, I believe this is a start to what you are looking for:

For WinFax:

For Quickbooks:

In regards to web deployment, there are numerous options from Instant Web Publishing (IWP) to suctom sites built in XML or PHP. If you could give us a better feel for what the web deployment needs to accomplish, we may be able to give better direction.

Hope that helps.

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