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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:48 am
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - September 22, 2005 - Softwares For Humans is announcing an update to their very popular EventScript plug-in.

EventScript 1.1 addresses an issue which prevents Version 1.0 from being recognized by FileMaker 8 under some Ms-Windows installations. Since EventScript 1.1 is compatible with both FMP 7 and FMP 8, it is a good move to update to the latest plug-in available.

EventScript is a small and clean plug-in distributed as donationware and is available totally free of charge. It can be used to trigger FileMaker scripts from any calculation. By depending on the results of your calculations, EventScript brings essential 'event manageability' to your FileMaker solutions. This is the missing link that users and developers were looking for.

Using our plug-in allows users to trigger any script without the need to click on buttons. The most frequently used field-events are the "before update", the "after update" and the "on dirty" events. But you can also use EventScript almost anywhere, from auto-enter options and validation rules to privileges sets, custom functions, and the Set Field script step, to name a few. Once the event is triggered by a user, EventScript will automatically launch the script of your choice for handling tasks such as auto-protecting your databases, sending an email, or updating a reselling price list. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

EventScript also returns an error flag to signal those cases when the target script could not be launched. This error flag allows you to properly implement error handling for your critical processes.

EventScript 1.1 is basically the same as EventScript 1.0, but with the following improvements:

The "S4HU_VersionEventScript" function now returns the current plug-in version AND the operating system;
for example, "S4HU_EventScript 1.1 Donationware (Win32)".

The "S4HU_EventScript" function is friendlier by providing default parameters:
S4HU_EventScript( Get(FileName) ; ScriptName ; [OptionalScriptParameters] )

A new FAQ page is now available on our website.

IMPORTANT! Please note that FM 7 and FM 8 handle triggered scripts in different ways. FM 7 places the triggered script at the bottom of the script execution stack. This means that if you have 1 or more scripts already running at the time the trigger happens, these running (pending) scripts will complete execution before the triggered script runs.

On the other hand, FileMaker 8 places the triggered script at the top of the execution stack. This means that any running (pending) scripts will be temporarily paused to allow the triggered script execution.

For some processes, this difference in behavior between FM7 and FM8 is an important thing to consider in the design and use of script triggers.

EventScript 1.1 has been compiled with the FMP8's API and it is totally compatible with previous EventScript triggers built under FileMaker 7 or 8 using EventScript 1.0. Extra care was taken to insure EventScript 1.1 is fully compatible with the previous version, so FileMaker developers wouldn't need to re-type their trigger calculations.

Of course, both functions of the plug-in are compatible with EventScript 1.0 under FileMaker for Mac OS X. On the Macintosh, ES 1.0 can be used for versions 7 and 8 of FileMaker and ES 1.1 for Mac OS X doesn't exist yet.

Here's a small table showing when EventScript can be used:
FMversion/OS...| version 1.0 | version 1.1
FMP7/Windows | Yes ............| Yes
FMP8/Windows | Not always | Yes
FMP7/Mac OsX | Yes | N/A
FMP8/Mac OsX | Yes | N/A

EventScript is compatible with Kiosk and Runtime FileMaker distributions. It is also compatible with the FMI's Auto-Update plug-in for an easy deployment over a network using FileMaker Server.

But currently, EventScript cannot work through the web by using Instant Web Publishing(IWP) or Custom Web Publishing(CWP).

You can download this 'absolute must-have' product from our web site at http://www.softs4humans.com/
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Gaston Forgues
President of Softs 4 Humans Inc.

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