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Given the caveats about file references, etc. CC Products convert to FileMaker 7 very well. Both CC Calendar and CC Gantt (see below) work in 7 with only minor differences to some of the window management behavior. (Feel free to convert the free versions and see how well it works.)

FileMaker, Inc. deserves a ton of thanks for all the effort that went into conversion. Maintaining the complex layouts in CC Gantt from one file format to another could not have been easy. Their hard work and testing certainly paid off.

While we imagine that our forthcoming "Designed for FM7" products will be the most satisfactory was to include calendaring and charting in your FM7 projects, many users will be able to convert their existing FM6 systems and use them with little hassle. At the same time, CC Products have been tested in FM5x and FM6 for years and are battle hardened in those environments. This same degree of testing has obviously not been done in FM7, let alone in served environments.

A Few Issues

If you're converting the Pro Version of CC Gantt you'll want to convert version 3.23 or make the minor modification described here.

In CC Gantt you'll also want to make sure the portals on the Milestones and Filters (Pro Version) tabs are set to have 1px border lines instead of 0px. This overcomes a scrolling bug in OSX.

We've also found that rotated graphics align slightly differently on Macs and Win machines under FM7. The background interfaces for CC Gantt and CC Calendar use rotated images in the lower left corner of the screens; if you're in a Windows only environment, just nudge these images until they align properly. If you're in a mixed platform environment, you'll want to replace the contents of this lower right container field with a "pre rotated" image and then use an un-rotated version of the field on the layout instead of the rotated field we have their.
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