Bug Fix: New Appointments when Using FileMaker Pro Server 7

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Applicable Versions

Free, Full, and Pro versions running with FileMaker 7 Server.


Version 5.31 of the Pro Calendar for FileMaker 7 fixed a disquieting issue with FileMaker Pro Server 7 in which the calendar behaved slightly differently on the server than it did single user.

Prior to this fix, newly created appointments would not show up on the daily view for the user who created the appointment until the calendar was toggled in some way.

This fix changes that behavior so that the served calendar behaves just like it does when running single user.

Below you'll find instructions for how to make the necessary modifications to your copy. Licensed users of CC Calendar Pro for FileMaker 7 may email support@seedcode.com to request a copy of 5.31 containing this repair.

The Modifications

You'll make three changes to the CCCalendar.fp7 file...

1. Edit the script "Delete Portal Row & Commit", replacing the last step with "Perform Script ["Commit and Refresh"]"

2. In the script "New Appointment" an If / EndIf statement wraps around a Perform Script ["Adjust Window"] step. This is towards the end of the script. Simply remove these If and EndIf lines so that we always adjust the window. FWIW, this is the critical step to this bug fix.

3. (Full and Pro Only) Similarly, in the script called "Edit Appointment - Delete" an If / EndIf statement surround the last "Perform Script ["Commit and Refresh"]" step. Remove these If and EndIf lines so that we always perform this script.

That's it!
John Sindelar

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