Update of CC Calendar Pro: 5.44: Export To-Dos to iCal

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 5:08 pm
Version 5.4 of the Pro Calendar introduced a To-Do List to the calendar. This 5.44 revision adds the ability to export these To-Dos to iCal from where they can be sent to your Palm or Cell Phone, or published to the web as read-only calendars using iCal or PHPiCalendar.

(Support for exporting appointments to iCal has been in CC Calendar Pro for some time.)

Existing licensees of CC Calendar Pro and Pro Dev can easily add this modification to their copy of the calendar. Simply download our iCalScriptLibrary and import a single script: add a button to your To-Do search results layout to call this new script and you're all set.

You can download the ScriptLibrary here: iCalScriptLibrary Request Form

(The iCalScriptLibrary works only with CC Calendar Pro versions 5.4 and higher. It contains only the one script required for this update. The iCalScriptLibrary will be publicly available for a limited time. After that licensed users of CC Calendar Pro for FileMaker 7 can email us directly to request a copy.)

We hope you find this useful!

All the best,

John Sindelar

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