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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 4:23 pm
The Issue

If you click on the list or table icons from a layout in the calendar in which there are no records visible, the resulting list view is preloaded with a behavior that will sometimes close all the calendar windows.

This affects SeedCode Calendar prior to version 3.13

The Fix

Fortunately this is easily fixed.

1. Edit the Script "Go to Calendar List or Table ( Action ) { Target }".

2. Right above the comment "There are no records to show in List or Table." You'll find a if statement that patterncounts for the word "Filter"; replace "Filter" with "Calendar".

3. Following this comment there is an If statement where "$Action = "Find"", the Else portion of this If contains a Beep and a Show Custom Dialog. After this there is an If / GotoLayout / EndIf. Disable or remove those three steps ( the If, GotoLayout, and EndIf).

That's It.
John Sindelar

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