Tip: Add "Sessions" to the IWP Filters

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:58 am
If you have a lot of simultaneous users on the IWP Module for SeedCode Complete, you may have folks bumping into each other on the filter's screen-- when more than one person is selecting a resource to filter by, for example.

This simple change creates a separate "session" for filtering so users won't bump into each other.

You'll add this by editing two scripts in SeedCodeIWP.

First, edit the script "Save Filter Changes" and add a "Delete Record" step between the "Commit Records" step and the "Go to Layout" step already there. Check the "Perform without dialog" option for the delete record step you just added.

Next, edit the script "Go to Filters" by placing a "New Record/Request" script step between the "Go to Layout" and the "Open Record/Request" steps already there.

That's it!
John Sindelar

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