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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:52 pm

While you can use the filters to show just those resources of a given type, the "hide" option on the resource type filter has not been working on the horizontal scheduling screen. This affects versions of SeedCode Complete prior to 1.34

The Fix

If you'd like to fix this in your copy of the calendar, please follow these steps:

1. Backup your files

2. New Fields

Add the following new fields to the resource table of the calendar:

z_ResourceFilterResourceTypeHideGlob - a global text field

z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_Calc - a calc, returning text, defined as: If ( IsEmpty ( z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_Glob ) or z_ResourceFilterResourceTypeHideGlob = "hide" ; "-" ; z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_Glob )

z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_CalcHide - a calc, returning text, defined as: If ( z_ResourceFilterResourceTypeHideGlob = "hide" ; z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_Glob ; "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" )

Both of these calcs should be defined from the context of "AboutResources". Make sure both calcs have "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" UNchecked.

3. Edit a Relationship

Find the section of the relationship graph labeled "Horizontal Schedule Chat" and find the relationship between "Resource Chart" and "ResourceChartFilteredResources". Edit this relationship so it now looks like this:

z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_Calc = ResourceType_kf_Calc
z_ResourceFilterResourceType_kf_CalcHide <> ResourceType_kf_Calc

3. Edit Two Scripts

Edit the script "Filter - Pass Filters", in the section beginning "Do the same with the Resources..." add this Set Field:

Set Field [ResourceChart::z_ResourceFilterResourceTypeHideGlob; CalendarDaily::FilterResourceTypeHideGlob]

Add the same step to the script "Pass Resource Type to Chart" just after the first Set Field already there.

That's it!
John Sindelar

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