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One of the common changes folks make to the calendar involved using Activities to link files to a project or contact. This works great and is very easy to do.

If you'd like to link a file or attachment to a project you'll need to make a small change to the calendar by adding a container field to the appointments table. Then, you can use the "blank" tab on the Edit Appointment mini window to hold that container field (below). This effectively lets you link *any number* of files with a project since a project can have any number of activities. Your might even create a new activity type (in the Admin section under Settings / Types and Colors) called "Attachment" so that you can filter a project's activity to see just the attachments.

Notice that in the screen shot below I've set the activity as a "comment only" at the top of the screen. If this record just represents a file, I don't need to see it on the calendar.


You can also do this with SuperContainer instead of container fields is you have lots of files to link, or need to link really big files. You'll find a nice article about this in our May 2009 newsletter: Tip: Adding Linked Files to the Calendar

John Sindelar

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