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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:43 am
Aha, it does show overlap if the start day of the schedule layout is during the week, but as long as its sat/saun or monday it wont show as an overlap. It still could use improving but not perhaps as major as I initially thoought.

Hi John
There seems to be a slight "bug" in the horizontal schedule view.

I have three consecutive "appointments/events". All are three weeks long and have no overlap.
But in the week scale view the schedule plan indicates overlap/conflicting appointmets.
As you can see on this pic there is no overlap:
Do you already have a fix for this perhaps?
My guess is that this is because the week in schedule view seems to start on a Sunday even though its set in the admin page to start on a Monday.

Also is there a easy way to add "jump week buttons" next to the "jump day buttons"? It looks like they use a global move left/right function so it might not be as easy as I thought, but I'd still like them as the horizontal Schedule page will be the main planning page for us.


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