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Hello. I have a question about setting up calculations to collect data from the scheduled events for each contact in the database. This information will be used to show client retention statistics for the business.

The four pieces of data I need are: most recent completed event, next scheduled event, total completed events this year, and total completed events last year. The year I am working with is an academic year that runs from August 1 - July 30.

I have set up each of these as calculation fields in the contact detail layout, but unfortunately my limited understanding of calculations has failed to produce any results. I am uncertain how to incorporate the "status" value list field, which has four options: scheduled, completed, canceled, and no show. I only need to include the scheduled events for the "next event" field, and the completed events for the other three fields. I am also uncertain how to distinguish between this year and last year.

Any ideas on how to set up these fields? Any help would be most appreciated.

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