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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:33 am
This nice trick from Todd Geist at http://www.geistinteractive.com who has been doing some great calendar mods for customers...

Here is a useful calc I just came up with for the Calendar. Maybe you have something similar somewhere, but just in case here it is

t = Get ( CurrentTime );
i = GetAsNumber(CalendarInterface::TimeIncrementAutoGlob)
Ceiling ( (t/i) ) * i

I use it to calc the start time for the event based on current time and the TimeIncrementAutoGlob. So given this

current time = 8:13 am
TimeIncrementAutoGlob = "0:30:00"

it returns

8:30 AM

It always gets the next time rounded to Calendar interval.

- Todd
John Sindelar

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