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I've linked SeedCode Pro to a solution, and when the Calendar file opens in the background, some users with small screens are ignoring the prompt to use the small calendar. Then when they switch to the calendar later, they're stuck with a calendar that's too large. So I want to add a button to switch to small calendar view.

After looking at the open script, I figured I'd need to:

Set Variable [ $$sc_UseSmallCalendar; 1 ]
Set Variable [ $$sc_LastRow; Value.... (just as in your Load Calendar Settings ).
Set Field [CalendarInterface::RowsToShowGlob; $$sc_LastRow]

I figured after that I could To to Layout ["Calendar - Small" (Calendar Interface)], Resize to fit,
and maybe run your refresh script.

But, what happens is that there's nothing loaded into the interface - the days have no hour labels or data, the week has no day labels or data, etc.

If I just go to the Small Calendar and resize to fit, then the time scale has a gap when I scroll.

Any suggestions for creating this script would be appreciated!


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