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Overview. Version 2.2 of SeedCode Complete calls a script in the data file in order to move some color information there. This isn't ideal and can even cause some Windows XP machines to crash. So we've re-written this color management section so the script isn't required.

The Changes. Here are instructions for making this change in your copy.

1. In SeedCodeData.fp7, create two new fields in the CalendarColors table:

z_CalendarColorGlob Text, Global
z_FieldForColorGlob Text, Global, Repeating with 10 repts.

2. Change the script "Apply Color Settings { Close , Dont Refresh }" in SeedCodeComplete.fp7 to set these fields rather than call a script. You'll see the script call commented out (you can delete it) in the screen shot below, and the two new lines in blue:


3. In SeedCodeData.fp7 create a new field in the Events table:

z_sc_ColorNameCalc Calc, Text, Defined as...

Code: Select all
If ( not IsEmpty ( Status) ; GetField ( CalendarColors::z_FieldForColorGlob ) )

4. Link this Events to CalendarColors on the relationship graph for SeedCodeData.fp7 like this:

CalendarColors::Name = Events::z_sc_ColorNameCalc

5. Change the definition of the field z_sc_ColorCalc in the Events table of SeedCodeData.fp7 to be:

Code: Select all
Let ( [

    s = Status
    // Above is the field you're using to color code events. This doens't have to be an event status

//-------------- You shouldn't have to edit below this line ---------------

] ;

    If (
       not IsEmpty ( s ) and not IsEmpty ( CalendarColors::Name )
        TextColor ( CalendarColors::z_CalendarColorGlob ; CalendarColors::ColorRBGValue )


6. Change the definition of the field CalendarColors::ColorDisplay in SeedCodeData.fp7 to:

Code: Select all
Case (
IsEmpty ( ColorRBGValue ) ; "no color" ;
TextColor ( z_CalendarColorGlob ; ColorRBGValue )

7. In SeedCodeData.fp7 select File / Manage / External Data Sources and remove the reference to SeedCode Complete. Close the files and re-open them.

That's it.
John Sindelar

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