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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:02 pm
Hi Anyone, I am done, 2 weeks now, compile this seedcode along with my compiled application

I have no problems creating runtimes, Just, have never bundled anothers FM application or runtine linked to my application before

Normally, my application creates the normal 1 exe, and 2 fp7 files (prog & data) plus the other runtime DL etc

During my develpment here...
I have had to either pre run Seedcode.fp7 1st ( using FM Advance)
its located in subfolder of my Kisstar application Its a linked not integrated

AND, secondly, I run my Kisstar.fp7 appication..
which, calls your Go TO Month Script No Problem Back inforth so little and far..

I know this is a FM question, hope you can advice an answer,

Add your SC file to the list when building my application files.. and compile etc

Then create startup script to call SC script . or put it in my Open Dialog box,

Or create a start Seed code Button just to bootstrap loading your app.
to initiate you SC app manually, then returning back to my app which is foreground application, the seedcode actually is in the backend, doesn't need to be called/// since I posted most events by my app.


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