Embedding Calendar Pro into older version of SC Complete

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Hi John:

Hope you're doing well! Not sure if you remember, but you helped me create my solution in 2009 with the then-current version of SeedCode Complete. Now I've just updated my solution to run under FM12, and have purchased your Calendar Pro, with plan to "bolt it onto" my current solution. My main reason for doing this is: I plan to have my solution hosted remotely (by pointinspace.com) and I'm hoping that using your new Calendar as the main interface will speed things up a bit.

So here is my question: if I want to embed Calendar Pro (rather than just linking it), do I need to follow the exhaustive directions at http://www.seedcode.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.p ... heCalendar? Or are there any short cuts I can use, particularly when creating new layouts, given that I'm embedding it into an existing (albeit earlier) version of SeedCode Complete?

Yours Truly,
SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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Welcome back, Jim!

Where Complete and the new Calendar share a layout in common I think you could use the existing layout in Complete, providing you made sure their names matched, the table occurrence matched, and deleted all the object on the layout.

But I'm afraid that's the only shortcut I really see-except that you already have an events table (though you'll likely need to add fields to it as the calendar's changed since the one in Complete).

Wish there were an easier way to move code from one file to another, but those instructions are the best we have.

(Linking the calendar vs embedding it is easier...

http://www.seedcode.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.p ... ntegration

...but I understand you're wanting to embed it since you're hosting with a third party that charges per file.)


John Sindelar

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